FAIRIES & GNOMES: July 17-21

Wonderland.... rainbows, fairies and frogs! An enchantng adventure that will take us to the end of the rainbow! We will have fun in our mystical land where we will let our imaginations and taste buds... take flight. We will follow the colors of the rainbow in our food creations... RED: may include strawberry nutrigrain bars... ORANGE...an orange Julius, GREEN... broccoli tator tots.. the possibilities are endless..

We will create a healthy lunch, afternoon snack and fun drink each day and each child will make their own Fairy/ Gnome house to bring home in the hopes of an enchanting visitor!

Thursday will include a longer art/craft class where we will then create a picnic lunch and a jaunt to the park.

Ages: 3-8
Time: 9am-1pm
Cost: $325 + tax