Catering & Event Planning

Catering & Event Planning

FrogLegs knows how to plan, execute and deliver delicious food for any event or wedding occassion. Our years of experience from small appetizer events to large scale dinner service gives us the ability to help you entertain without the worry of cooking. We strive to make each event as beautiful and delicious as possible while meeting the needs of you and your guests. Your comfort & joy is our goal and we would love to assist you in your next fabulous party and gathering.


There really isn't much we can't do to compliment your gathering, whether we are doing breakfast food, lunching — even box lunches for a meeting — buffet for parties, as well as coming up with a customized cooking class. Food connects people in such a special way. That's what we love about what we do!

Details and Questions:

Please call us at 206-954-9094 or fill out the contact form below for more delicious details.