These are our points of distinction and influence our team’s motivation and behaviors, allowing us to meet and exceed expectations set by ourselves and our guests. Our guiding principles form an alignment between the business, the team, and our students. We build our value upon our values.


We are the Hoppiest Place on Earth through the way we visually present our kitchen, the persona we take on with our FrogLegs name, and the excitement we bring to the table. We extract the curiosity of food to discover the MAGIC in the making. We provide edible education and elevate the everyday ingredients through using our imagination to transform them into something extraordinary. A little inspiration goes a long way.


Everyone has a seat at our table. Cooking is an equalizer, bringing people of different backgrounds together. The warmth and welcoming we offer starts internally with our team and carries throughout our business to our guests. We aren’t selling a product. Our product is our people and the connections we make. We are in the connecting business and do it through food. Everything else follows.


We add value to our team, students, and business through our abundance. We maximize and extract from everything around us: our team’s talent, our space, and our creations. Every inch of our space is filled with themed decor, overflowing bowls of ingredients, fun and inviting music, and our positive energy. Our abundance allows students to share with their family, whether it be their joy, knowledge, or classroom creations.


Our high standards and exceptional quality are maintained by constant recognition of learning and growth opportunities. We grow and motivate our team through empowering them to influence business decisions, be creative, and fuel their aligned passions. We grow with our students and their families. We collaborate fiercely with those who share our guiding principles to build our diversity and resilience, while understanding the financial and reputational bottomline. We are learning, improving, growing, and following the momentum, while staying true to our focus. Our growth is not bound to the business and is strategized through decision-making that is aligned with our guiding principles.

Great place kids and groups. We had 13 Cub Scouts making Apple pies and catered to allergies even gluten free. Would recommend for a group. All the kids had a great time and got to do all the work themselves.

Brian L.

My daughter attended their Food Truck Chef Camp and she loved it! Super cute and clean place, the kids and instructors were very friendly as well. She's looking forward to more camps.

Kim B.

Amazingly friendly staff. Cooking birthday party! Are you kidding! This is like the best place ever. Got some delicious cookie dough. 😋

Oscar A.

Super cute! Just stopped by to check it out, and looks like a great place to host a baking party! Teeny tiny shop area but all sorts of things to buy for themed a party.

Christine T.

My 13 year old son has enjoyed his lunchbox crew class. Everything they made was delicious and healthy. The sweet potato gnocchi was our favorite!

Mindy T.