Our Kirkland and University Village locations offer a sophisticated yet relaxed feel and vibe. Photoshoot ready with ample natural light, thoughtful accents and attention to detail. We look forward to sharing our kitchen with you!

Kirkland and Seattle Kitchen Rentals

  • Abundant natural light
  • Fully stocked kitchen, including ScanPan cookware, Global Knives and Kitchen Aid appliances
  • Camera ready copper accents, Big Chill turquoise fridge and microwave, black and white subway tiling
  • Convection and still ovens
  • Reserved refrigeration and freezer space
  • Wine and beer permit available for $20 extra per day
  • Accommodates up to 50 people
  • Private outdoor patio in Kirkland

Give us a call at 206-887-8229 with any questions!

Great place kids and groups. We had 13 Cub Scouts making Apple pies and catered to allergies even gluten free. Would recommend for a group. All the kids had a great time and got to do all the work themselves.

Brian L.

My daughter attended their Food Truck Chef Camp and she loved it! Super cute and clean place, the kids and instructors were very friendly as well. She's looking forward to more camps.

Kim B.

Amazingly friendly staff. Cooking birthday party! Are you kidding! This is like the best place ever. Got some delicious cookie dough. 😋

Oscar A.

Super cute! Just stopped by to check it out, and looks like a great place to host a baking party! Teeny tiny shop area but all sorts of things to buy for themed a party.

Christine T.

My 13 year old son has enjoyed his lunchbox crew class. Everything they made was delicious and healthy. The sweet potato gnocchi was our favorite!

Mindy T.